Strength Training Exercise Program

Strength training

A person who prefers strength improvement, physical fitness, is often seen exercising in a gym, exercising outdoors, or exercising at home. Some people try to find a strength training workout using magazines, books or the internet. But some are doing exercises without proper aim or orientation. Here we are going to talk about how to create a good strength training program. Just you have to manage the exercising time in a proper way.

Workout Structure 01

  • A1: Knee dominant – 04 sets of 06 reps
  • A2: Upper body pull – 04 sets of 06 reps
  • Rest – 01-02 minutes
  • B1: Hip dominant – 03 sets of 08 reps
  • B2: Upper body push – 03 sets 08 reps
  • B3: Core strength – 03 sets

Workout Structure 02

  • A1: Hip dominant – 04 sets 06 reps
  • A2: Upper body push – 04 sets 06 reps
  • Rest – 01-02 minutes
  • B1: Knee dominant – 03 sets 08 reps
  • B2: Upper body pull – 03 sets 08 reps
  • B3: Core strength – 03 sets

All the above workout plans consist of 5 exercise categories. Here are some examples of them.

  1. Knee dominant 
    • Squats (back, front or goblet)
    • Lunges (reverse, walking)
    • Split squats
    • Rear-foot-elevated split squats (Bulgarian split squats)
  2. Upper body pull
    • Chin-ups (or lateral pulldowns)
    • Pull-ups
    • Inverted rows
    • Dumbbell rows
    • Barbell rows
  3. Hip dominant
    • Deadlifts (conventional, sumo or trap bar)
    • Romanian deadlifts (dumbbells or barbell)
    • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts
    • Glute-hamstring saises
    • Back extensions
    • Hip thrusters
  4. Upper body push
    • Push-ups
    • Bench presses (flat or incline)
    • Dumbbell bench presses (flat or incline)
    • Floor presses (barbell or dumbbell)
    • Dips
  5. Core strength
    • Planks
    • Side planks
    • Rollouts
    • Renegade rows

Way to create a workout

Here, one exercise session will burn more calories, as the entire body exercises. Because this exercise program targets most of the major muscle groups, not just one area of ​​the body. Also, one of the benefits of this type of exercise program is to improve strength quickly or physically. This is because each major muscle group exercises three times a week, rather than exercising once or twice a week.

In this exercise program, you will first perform two sets of exercises (A1 and A2) alternately in groups of 4, then perform group 3 exercises (B1, B2, and B3). Decide on the short rest period between two sets as per your requirements. So, as soon as you feel your body is ready to move on to the next set, start it. However, having your body fully restored before the next set will enable you to do the next set with maximum effort.

Every exercise plan has a reason to start with the lower back, hip and knee exercises. For most people, they do not like lower-body exercises. Therefore, enthusiasm is most likely set aside for the beginning of the exercise program. If the last part of an exercise program is placed on the lower part of the body, most people will either miss it or miss it. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve the least amount of exercise and start the rest of the exercise with the most enthusiasm.

If you find it difficult to choose an exercise plan, for example, you can choose the following exercises.

Workout 01

  • A1: Goblet Squat
  • A2: Lateral Pulldown
  • B1: Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • B2: Push-Ups
  • B3: Front Plank (30 seconds)

Workout 02

  • A1: Deadlift
  • A2: Push-Ups
  • B1: Split Squats
  • B2: Inverted Row
  • B3: Side Plank (25 seconds per side)

Also, workout plans 1 and 2 rotate 3 days a week. Work for 48 hours of rest between the two exercises. There is nothing wrong with exercising or resting for an extra day, except occasionally. However, the goal should be to continue the exercise program 3 days a week. Keep an eye on the exercise program and your progress in a daily book. When gradually adapting to the exercise program, you can increase the weight, reps, or both.

Important tips for Strength Training

Tips for Improving Physical Fitness


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