Way of doing warm up exercises

Warm up exercises

Warmup exercises are an important aspect of exercising programs. But we all miss this part frequently. When we do warmup exercises it increases body temperature and the amount of blood received to the muscles. From it, the flexibility increases. By doing warmup exercises prepares the heart for exercising, therefore, it helps to protect the heart. It is better to do warmup exercises at least two minutes before doing exercises. It reduces the risk of getting high blood pressure. Doing warm-up exercises is compulsory before doing Cardiovascular exercises or Resistance training. You can warm up your body in two ways.

  1. Active way- Warming up the body by doing exercises
  2. Inactive way- Warming up the body without exercises

Warm up the body in an active way

Step 01

First of all, you need to know about your target heart rate or THR. You should maintain this target heart rate in your exercise program. When doing warm-up exercises, it is important to keep a certain value in the target heart rate.

Step 02

In a minute or two, slowly run or run in a treadmill to reach 40 % of your target heart rate. To confirm that you are maintaining your speed, you can count your pulse rate by placing your finger in a side of your neck.

Step 03

Increase your speed until your target heart rate increase up to 60%. At here, your breathing speed also should increase. But your body shouldn’t be unduly tired.

Step 04

The time period you should do warm-up exercises depends on your physical fitness. Therefore you need to decide. If you are a beginner in exercising it is better to do warm-up exercises up to 10 minutes. If you are an expert in exercising it is enough to do 5 minutes.

Running slowly is not the only way to do warmup exercise. You can do aerobic activities like riding bicycles, jumping rope, dancing, playing badminton and etc.. It is important to maintain your target heart rate between 40%-60%. If you do stretching exercises without doing warm-up exercises can occur muscle tear, joint damage, and sprains.

Warm up the body in an inactive way

In here you can increase your body temperature without doing exercises. You can increase body temperature by massaging with hot water, bathing hot water, immerse in hot water, steam bath. Warming up body increases the efficiency in physical activities. But with the active warm-up, there is more efficiency in short-term physical activity than the inactive warm-up. And also it reduces tiredness.

Uses of warm up exercises

  • Increases blood circulation. This occurs especially in the lungs and heart.
  • Increases the body temperature including in the muscles.
  •  Increase Metabolic Rate
  • The release of oxygen from the hemoglobin and myoglobin molecules increases in the peripheral tissues of the body, including in the muscle.
  • Increase the functioning of the nerves, and increase the efficiency in the nervous system.
  • Glycogen is stored in the muscles. This process increases the breakdown of Glycogen, which in turn increases the production of energy in the muscle (Glycolysis).
  • Increase the consumption of oxygen in the body
  • Reduces the feeling of pain while doing exercises and after doing exercises.
  • Improves the mental condition.
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