Important tips for a breastfeeding mother


Breastfeeding is the perfect and safe food for your newborn child. It is the most precious and greatest design in the world. There are so many important things to know for a breastfeeding mother. They are very important for the health of the newborn child and also for the mother.  Breast milk contains all the needs of nutrients and other things to the growth of the child. A pale yellow colored milk is produced in the first few days after the birth called colostrum. They can protect the child from infectious diseases. It is important to feed the child with breast milk for a period of six months. After that, you can train him for other foods. But with other foods, you have to give breast milk to the child parallel to other foods.

Importance of breastfeeding for the first 6 months

Breast milk contains all the nutrients for the proper growth of your newborn until the age of six months. Generally, the production of breast milk of the mother is enough for the child during this period. There is no need to provide water or any other extra fluids during this period as breastfeeding provides adequate water for the baby. You can protect your child from diseases and allergies by giving only breast milk during this period.

You should start breastfeeding for your child within an hour after his birth. It is important to feed the baby whenever the baby needs it. Also, measure the weight of the baby once a month and from it, you can have knowledge about his continuous growth. If you feel that your baby is not gaining weight properly you can have medical advice.

It is no need to give vitamins and minerals in addition to breast milk for these infants. But with the medical advice, you can give vitamins and minerals for premature infants.

Maintaining adequate nutrition is very important when your child is in sick. It will help the baby to recover faster. Increasing the frequency of breastfeeding provides both the benefits of early recovery and proper nutrition.

When the mother is not with the baby you can feed the baby from the breast milk taken from the mother. You can keep this milk in room temperature for a period of six hours or 24 hours in a refrigerator.  (Not in the freezer).Never heat this milk before giving it to the child. You have to give the refrigerated milk after turning it to the room temperature. It is good to use a clean cup and a spoon to feed the child.

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