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healthy foods

Healthy foods and a balanced diet lead to a healthy life. We all can’t live without food. The food that we are eating can decide our healthiness.  Also having some good eating habits can make you healthy.  So we should try to have balanced and healthy food to improve our health. You can use the following tips to make a balanced healthy diet.

Your diet should be consist of half or two-third of vegetables or fruits. Because they can give vitamins minerals, plant stanol, a plant sterol, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. But the fruits and vegetables should be fresh. These soluble fibers, insoluble fiber, plant stanol, and sterol can decrease the LDL cholesterol level. LDL cholesterol is cholesterol that is harmful to the body. Fibers can feel you that your stomach is full. Due to that the amount of calorie intake to the body decreases. Therefore they help to control body weight. It also helps to prevent colon cancer.

Half of your rice should be whole grains. Otherwise, it is not healthy food. Because purified or crushed grains contain a few amounts of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

If you are drinking milk it is better t0 choose nonfat or low-fat milk. The amount of nutrients in nonfat or low-fat milk is equal to the full cream milk. But nonfat milk contains less amount of calories and saturated fats than full cream milk.

Healthy food

Egg whites, meat without skin, beans, cashew nuts, peanuts, and fish are some other healthy food. We should add more amount of them to our diet as they contain more lean proteins. Fish contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and they are friendly for the body. They can reduce the sugar cholesterol level.

Always chose the foods with less amount of salt. It is better to consume a low amount of salt with your foods. This can reduce the risk of having high blood pressure. Adding less amount of salt to foods can protect their healthiness.

Should reduce the consumption of foods with simple sugar. Instead of them practice drinking water. If you consume more sugar it causes the risk of increasing blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

Decrease the consumption of foods containing solid fats like cake, biscuits, or foods with butter or margarine, artificially processed foods, and oily foods.  These foods increase the blood cholesterol level.

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