Affect of Drugs to the brain


When we feel very happy about something or we cannot stay happily without it we try to get it more. But if we are getting it much and more we are destroying our selves we have to remove it as we lose our life. But for a person who affects the drugs is not so. He is very difficult to overcome. There are a lot of chemicals belong to the group of drugs. They are produced as foods, drinks, vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, or sweets.


What happens to the brain from drugs

The action of various drugs varies from each other. But the main target of all these chemicals is the brain and the function of it. When chemicals enter the body, first of all, it searches the communication part of the brain. and they connect with the communicating cells and do unusual communications. Due to this, the person feels something that he hasn’t felt earlier. Not only that that feeling deposits toughly in his mind. Every time he reminds that feeling. Because of this, the brain tells the person to have it again. With the time the person feels that happiness from drugs is the best thing in the world and he tries again and again to have it.


With time there are longterm changes in the cells due to the effect of these chemicals. Because of this, the consumer has to increase the dosage to have happiness. Due to the high consumption of drugs, his brain and body becomes weak and have to face many diseases. Little by little, he becomes a mental& physical patient. If someone addict to these it is too much difficult to overcome it. If someone toughly thinks to overcome they should have patience too much. When you stop it suddenly you may feel very much painful for the body. You have to go for the medical treatments also. But you have to bear up the pain without changing your target. They have to rehabilitate for a long time period. Should remove him from early society. Otherwise, he can be the same before. Treat them lovely.  Should give them counseling regularly. We have to encourage their mental fitness and physical fitness.

There are some diseases that can overcome easily. But if we got it it is very difficult to overcome. We have to die in one day

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