Angina, Warning for heart attack


Simply Angina is chest pain. It is a warning signal about getting a heart attack in the nearby future. Angina is a pain in the center of the chest just like tightening it. It can be spread from the center of the chest to neck, lower jaws or to the shoulders and arms. This chest pain can vary from mild to severe pain. If severe pain occurs there may be symptoms like fear, shortness of breath and sweating may occur. This angina can occur when physical exhaustion, anger, emotional arousal, eating, cold, and being in a mild environment. A few minutes of relaxation can relieve chest pain in just a few minutes.

Reasons to cause Angina.

Coronoryareries are the arteries that supply blood to heart muscles. They supply blood, oxygen and other nutrients to heart muscles. This angina occurs when a coronary artery or a branch of them got thin. Here in the coronary artery wall cholesterol accumulates and due to that Plaque occurs. Due to the plaque blood vessels become thin and decrease blood circulation. Normally this doesn’t occur when you are in relax. Because when you are in relax the heart receives enough amount of blood through the thinned blood vessels. When you work hard, feel fear or anger your heartbeat increases. The supply of oxygen and other things to the heart is not enough when its rhythm increases as the blood vessels are thinned.  This can increase up to a severe case with the time.

If such a cholesterol-depleted plaque erupts it may cause a blood clot. The blood clot blocks the whole artery. It causes a fatal heart attack. Therefore it is very much important to take treatments to Angina. You should meet your doctor if you got any symptoms of angina. Your doctor will refer you to the following tests.

  • ECG (Electrocardiography)
  • Echocardiography
  • Coronary angiography

If you have Anemia, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetics, High blood pressure and high cholesterol in the blood you should get treatments for them also. As it is important for getting treatments for other illnesses that can cause angina. It is very much essential for avoiding smoking and liquor consumption. And also doing regular exercise, consumption of healthy foods, weight control and stress management also important.

Doctors remove these blocks in arteries by a bypass surgery (Coronary artery bypass grafting or CABG). Or by inserting a wire into the coronary artery through a blood vessel (Percutaneous coronary intervention or PCI).

Be aware of Heart Attack

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