Exercising for Angina


Angina is a common heart allignment. It is a pain in the center of the chest such as feeling tightening or a heavy pain. It can spread up to the inner side of the arms and or jaw area or neck. Angina can vary from mild to severe pain. If you get a severe pain you may feel fear, excessive sweating and breathing difficulties can occur. This article explains how to exercise when you have this chest pain.

Usually, angina occurs when the person is physically exhausted or emotionally aroused. This subsides when you rest a little and or have GTN (Glyceryl trinitrate) pills under the tongue. When the coronary arteries which bring blood to the heart become thin by depositing Cholesterol inside the walls of them. This process called Atherosclerosis.  There are two coronary arteries in the heart. When thinning these coronary arteries or the branches of them reduces the supply of blood to the heart muscles. The supply of blood is enough when you are at rest. But when you are working that supply of blood is not enough as the heart needs more oxygen and nutrients.  Due to this, you feel pain in your chest.

Angina may be gradually worsened when you are physically more active. But each person is physically different from the other. Therefore the severity of this disease also differs from person to person. These persons should have a special workout plan. And also should discuss with the personal trainer and with a doctor before doing any exercise.

This disease contains mainly two types as Stable and unstable angina. In stable, you may feel pain only when you get physically tired or in a mental excitement. The pain disappears when you rest. But in unstable, you feel pain even when you are resting. This is severer than stable conditions. Unstable means you have a fatal heart attack in the nearby future.

Exercises for angina

Aerobic exercises like walking, riding bicycles are the best exercises for this. Such exercises allow flowing more blood through these coronary arteries. In here you should warm up your body before doing exercises. And also should cool down after doing exercises. By this, the heart modifies to supply blood efficiently to the tissues that become active from exercises. Your exercise program should with low-intensity exercises with short sessions. Lately, you can increase the intensity and duration.

If you start with moderate or high intensity exercises your disease may not goes down. To have the best results you should increase the intensity and duration gradually. When you start with high-intensity exercises you have a risk of getting a heart attack. You should exercise only at a normal temperature. It can happen severe intentions when you exercise in a too cold or too hot environment.

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