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Blood donation
Blood donation

I think you may like to donate blood even at one time in your life period. Blood donation is a very good work in society. As blood cannot produce artificially. Therefore people should donate blood to give when patients need them. If you are donating blood for the first time you may have afraid about any weakness in your body after blood donation. But if you are known about the following points no need to be afraid like that.

They may check your blood before donating them. If they identify that your blood is good to donate someone. When you donate blood 1/10 amount volume will reduce from your blood volume in the body. It is a lack of sensation. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do your day to day activities normally. In a normal person, it may take up to 6 weeks to reproduce the blood volume.

Points to consider after blood donation

  • Concern about foods you are eatingAfter blood donation your diet. It is very much important. As the reproducing of blood depends on it. Especially if you can have foods rich in protein for a period of six weeks after donating blood. Also, foods rich in iron like Soya and Dhal is best for vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian it is important to have vitamin D supplement with medical recommendation. Practise having a balanced diet. Eat nutritious vegetables and fruits as they can affect the health of your body.
  • Causing faintSome people get fainted as soon after the blood donation. This mainly happens due to when you are donating blood you sleep in a bed and after completing it you get up once. At that moment blood volume in your body is not the usual value. Therefore the blood supply to the brain becomes low at once. The faint occurs due to this unbalance of blood supply to the brain for a period of 2-3 seconds. After a few minutes, you may become normal.
  • Decreasing blood sugar levelThis is mainly due to donating blood without having your meals. In here also you may feel as faint. When sugar level decreases the energy needs to your body also become less. Then you may be sweating and feel as faint. The best thing is not to donate blood when fasting. If you feel so you can have some glucose and overcome it.
  • Getting tiredDon’t go to the gym and do more exercises like on other days after blood donation. Give some rest to the body for about 5-6 weeks. Have more foods that help to produce blood. Especially get rid of hard works that you are feeling too tired.
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