Side effects of mobile phone

Excessive use of mobile phones causes seriously many bad side effects. Mainly due to the transmitting microwaves from mobile phones. This is mainly due to we are using mobile phones irresponsibly. Some times we are calling to someone without any reason.  It makes us feel tired and restless. But unfortunately, we don’t understand that the main reason for it is the mobile phone in our pocket. Now it is a better time to find out the negative effects of the mobile phone.

01. The vibration of the mobile phone

In some times we feel that our phone is vibrating in our pocket or in our bag. But there is no missed call or message. But we feel so.  This incident is known as Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome. 89% of teenagers are suffering from this. This can be mainly found in the ones who addicted to social media. The best way to fight against this syndrome by turning off the vibration option on your mobile phone.

02. Blurred Vision.

When we are sending an SMS to someone or reading an article on the internet we have to look at the small screen of our mobile phone. It is putting extra pressure on the eye. When we are looking towards it in a long time we feel a pain in our eyes. Finally, this can cause to reduce the vision of your eye. To have a clear vision you should keep your device even 16 inches away from your eyes. To read articles use a computer or laptop. If you are suffering from a vision problem now it is good to increase the font size and better to meet an eye specialist.

03. Brain Cancer Risk

This is mainly due to the radiation frequency of the electromagnetic fields makes by the mobile phone. While they are adversely affecting our body they can cause cancers in the future.  This can be reduced by using an earphone to make calls and use your left side ear when you are directly placing your phone on the ear.

04. Sleeping Disorders

We practiced placing our mobile phone under our pillow after setting up alarms. It is a very bad habit. As the phone is emitting microwaves and they are badly affecting our brain and body. If you are using your mobile phone before sleep it can disturb your sleep. Some times at night we use the mobile without any light in the room. It is badly affecting our eyes. If the mobile phone is with you and when a notification comes it beeps or vibrates, then it brakes up your sleep. So it is better to place your mobile in another room or turn off it.

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