Suitable foods for Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet
Diabetic Diet

Diabetes, one of the most common non-communicable diseases, is now a serious health problem. The number of diabetic patients increasing day by day mainly due to people are increasingly distracting from the correct lifestyle. To decrease the increased blood sugar level it is better to have a diabetic diet.

How does diabetic start?

Some people are having a very comfortable and luxury lifestyle evenly without exercise. They are having a high risk for this disease. Excessive intake of dairy products and excessive consumption of meat also a risk factor. People who eat more starch tend to be more susceptible to diabetes.

Basic symptoms of diabetics

  • Too much sweating.
  • Excess secretion of eyes.
  • When you wake up in the morning the tongue is bound with glue.
  • Too much nail growing
  • Skin smoothness increases.
  • Feeling more thirst.
  • Tastes sweet to the mouth.
  • Feeling very hungry.

If you have the above symptoms you have to face a blood test. You have to fast for 10 hours before the blood test. The reported value should be less than 126mg per deciliter. 126mg/dl. Also, the HbAIC value should be less than 6% in a healthy person. This tests the amount of sugar associated with hemoglobin. When doing this test on one day, the report’s value shows the amount of sugar associated with hemoglobin three months ago from the testing date.

Suitable foods for a diabetic diet.

  • Red Nadu rice is the best rice for diabetics patients. They help to decrease the blood sugar level.
  • Better to take more grains like Chickpeas, Undu, green peas and etc….
  • Green leaves bitter in taste.
  • As diabetic patients are common in anemia should take foods rich in iron.
  • When selecting meats for a patient should take meats with low fat. Pork, beef, and chicken are rich in fat. Therefore should be avoided as much as possible. This should be done with medical advice.
  • Taking  Thora and Para fish is better to add foods.
  • Banana, Papaya, Guava, Nelly are the best fruits. But should avoid Apple, Kollikuttu banana, Grapes

Normally we take three meals a day. But as diabetic patients feel more hunger than healthy people it is good to have five meals a day. When having five meals the amount of food they take at one meal should be less.

When you wake up in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water is best for a diabetic patient. This results in the cleansing of the food pathway and stimulation of enzymes in the food pathway. Healthy people too can have a healthy lifestyle through these habits.

Stress on every day is a high contributing factor for many diseases. This can 0ccur changes in endocrine system hormone secretion can also affect insulin secretion. The blood sugar level directly depends on insulin. Therefore stress elimination is very important. You can listen to music, meditate, doing any hobby, meet new friends and old friends to reduce your stress.

Should be avoided from smoking, liquor, having too much dairy products, fast foods. Avoiding these is good evenly for healthy persons to live more.


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