Thyroxine leads for many diseases


Thyroxine is a type of hormone that secretes to the blood from thyroid glands. The deficiency of thyroxine leads to many diseases. This is a common disease in the present. Most of them are women. This thyroid gland is close to the larynx. The thyroid gland starts to secrete this hormone with the secretion of the TSH hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain. The function of the TSH hormone directly connects with T3 and T4 hormones. Because of this, these hormone levels are checked in a blood test. The correct functioning of this thyroid gland is too much important for our growth and metabolism in our body. Over secretion of thyroxine from the thyroid gland is Hypothyroidism and lower secretion is Hyperthyroidism.


Symptoms due to over secretion of thyroxine

  • Sweating in always
  • Tiredness of mind
  • Chest paining
  • Getting a skinny body
  • The tiredness of the body
  • Unable to bearup the heat
  • Hair loosing
  • Unbalancing the menstruation cycle of ladies
  • Headache
  • Getting angry quickly

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