Treatments for Arthritis


Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints causing pain, swelling, and difficulty in moving. This is one of the leading causes of disability of people over the age of 55. Here there is pain, weakness, and stiffness in the joint add the muscle that helps to move it. Knee arthritis causes weakness, pain, swelling, and stiffness in the knee joint and quadriceps. This muscle is important to knee movement and connects the hip to the knee. It is the main protector of the knee and is located at the front of the thigh. This quadriceps function in the knee extension. In the case of knee arthritis, knee bending, walking, exercising, sports, and day to day activities can be difficult. However, some stretching exercises and knee strengthening exercises can provide significant healing.



How does exercise alleviate knee arthritis?

Doing exercise regularly improves quadriceps. When that muscle is strengthened, it can absorb vibrations and tensions that can damage the knee. Stretching exercises can relax the quadriceps and gradually increase the range of motion in the knee with arthritis. It reduces the risk of knee injuries. However, you have to select the intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise according to the type of knee that arthritis occurs. Therefore you should discuss it with your doctor before doing such exercises.

Exercises to strengthen the knee

Single leg raises is the best exercise for this. After laying on the floor raise your one leg about 1-2 feet above the floor without kneeling. You can do this exercise alternately to your both legs.  Knee exercises also another type of exercise suitable for this. To do this you have to sit on a chair or on an exercise bench and keep the knee bend at 90 degrees. Then extend the leg as the knee extends. Gradually by lifting some weight on the foot can increase the output of this. Riding bicycles, walking,  wall squatting are also some exercises that can help to strengthen the knee or quadriceps.

Ways to do stretching exercises for the quadriceps

Stand upright and bring your legs up to they touch your backside by bending knees. Touch your leg from the hand on the side. Just hold and wait for 20-30 seconds. Here, you also need to tighten the muscles of your stomach and buttocks. Do the same thing to the other leg also. You can do this exercise by laying down or turning one side. Anyway, it is very important to do warm-up exercises.

If the ligaments in your knee weaken, knee strengthening exercises can cause further damages to your knee. If you are doing stretching exercises unnecessarily excessive for the quadriceps, it can cause muscle strain. So it is better to take medical advice before doing such exercises. And also it is better to meet a physiotherapist also.


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